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Коллектор впуск 1.2 CHEVROLET AVEO

Коллектор впуск 1.2

Код товара: 96329324

В нашем магазине вы можете купить Коллектор впуск 1.2 для CHEVROLET AVEO как бу, так и в новом состоянии

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2016-08-18 00:09:11
skyhook isn’t cool. It’s not macho, it’s not something you watch on a highlight and go “oh wow, did you see that!?!”. It’s just a “get up a little bit, lift your leg in a girly way and lob the ba2ln#8l21;-thi&g that no teenager obsessed with his image would ever want to waste time on.Because what you can do with it once you’ve learned it wouldn’t enter a teenage boy’s mind… trust me, I grew up with them.

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